Aloha Fam!


Welcome to Wanted and Wild, a blog about, *drumroll please*… feeling wanted while still being wild.

For those who haven’t stalked me on social media yet, my name is Priscila Silva, this blog’s fearless writer (jk, spiders freak me out). Honesty is a great place to start and i’m gonna keep it 100: I really had no desire to start a blog since everyone and their mothers have a blog these days, BUT! I am taking a class in Uni this year which basically forces me to make a blog or else I fail 🙂

So here we are. What an adventure this will be! I promise I’ll have decent things to say every once in a while, so stick around. Stalk me on the gram if you haven’t already.

peace in the middle east,




12 thoughts on “Aloha Fam!

  1. Hi Priscila, thank you for the follow. I went to Maui three time. Where are you currently? I’ll come back to visit some more. I’m going around to say ‘hi’ to my new followers then come back. I’m following you so I’ll get your posts in my email. at the mean time, wishing you the best for your fearless blog. 🙂 🙂


      1. Wow! We went to Epcot, Disney World, Key West. How fun to spend the summer in Maui. My daughter went to St. Andrew in England for summer school. Then they went on field trips to Scotland and other places. College time is time for fun. I know, study…:-) found a sweetheart yet?


  2. Hi from the UK and thanks for visiting my blog and for following. I love your islands: it’s many years since I visited but I have very fond memories of nights in piano bars (something we didn’t have here then) and listening to some great jazz at the Hilton on Waikiki Head on Sunday afternoons with a pitcher of beer. Look forward to reading more from you and good luck with the studies.


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