The Nationwide Hangover

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Today I cried. I almost threw up. I am still baffled.

Politics suck sometimes.

I try not to get too involved in these types of things but yesterday I found myself waking up in the middle of the night in anticipation for the outcome of the election. Being from Massachusetts and being submersed in a liberal culture, my political views tend to lean democratic by default, regardless of my religious beliefs. But last night, as I paced back and forth in my living room, tried to sip tea, frantically checked social media and electoral maps, and tried to make a migraine go away (it didn’t, still have it), I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach as this nation came to a decision.

I didn’t stay up to see the final announcement, but I woke up this morning to disheartening news of what the next four years are projected to look like. I’m not here to bash Trump, but like many have stated, this election came down to choosing the lesser of two poisons. Maybe it is because we have had a democratic president in office for 8 years now and we have become familiar with the ways of that party, but waking up to a complete republican sweep, well, that struck fear in my bones.

As much white girl as I may seem, I guess I’m considered a minority in this country. While I consider myself more American than Brazilian, I can’t help but be naturally fearful for those that weren’t born in the U.S. but consider it their home. Many Americans may feel at peace with the outcome of this election, but I can’t say the same. And neither can democrats. Or everyone else who just cannot wrap their heads around a “celebrity” figure taking over the country.

I may not be able to see into the future and predict the exact changes that WILL take place, but it is certain that change is coming.

It is indeed a sobering morning for many in the U.S. and no amount of coffee or tea can make some migraines and heartaches go away. Let us not forget though, that when we are weak, that is when God is strong.

Let’s keep praying fam.



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