November Currents


What up fam??

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! If not, take this weekend to feast hard. Feasting is biblical, after all.

Since the month is wrapping up already(!), it is time to reflect on some November goodies:

Listening: Two Vines by Empire of the Sun. Sooo frikinnn goooood.

Dreaming: Of a white Christmas. But for realz tho.

Feeling: Like the little engine that could. This semester has definitely taken its toll.

Following: RVCA. Maui tweaked my dressing habits.

Grateful: For family. There is nothing like celebrating Thanksgiving in community to serve as a friendly reminder that family is everything.

Eating: Allllll the leftovers, praise the Lamb.

Hoping: That everything will work out in the end.

Waiting: For some direction in regards to post-college plans. Big decisions up ahead.

Watching: Jane the Virgin! Why have I just discovered this show this month?!

Reading: About the apocalypse. Ha, theology school is no joke.

Proud: Of myself for only buying a flat white on this lovely Black Friday. Maui has changed me indeed.

Stay sane out there,


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