Lovely Things: Vol.2


Wowza babes! December already!

I gotta say, this year has been da so far, and I have feeling that things are only getting better.

Christmas season is upon us and while I am still stuck in school typing up enormous research papers, in two weeks I’ll be cozied up back home under a warm blanket with hot chocolate watching the Little Drummer Boy on tv and crying like a baby, because, ex-emo kid.

A couple of years ago, I used to get super giddy about Christmas and became a stickler for establishing traditions. However, my family is Brazilian and this whole “dreaming of a white Christmas” thing goes way over their heads. The older I got, the more I began to realize, as silly and Grinch-like as it sounds, that Christmas isn’t about presents and trees and food and snow; it’s about coming together to worship the King of Kings who was supposedly born around this time of year.

Hallmark would love me, yea?

With that in mind, it’s still totally cool to bake every sugary thing in your kitchen and decorate a tree to the nine’s, as long as we don’t lose sight of who we are honoring in this celebration.

So! Volume 2 of Lovely Things is Christmas themed, yaayyyyy!!!!


1. Wreath Making! Such an easy (I assume) and fun way to decorate your home and make it Christmasy!


2. Look at those marvelous creatures. I admit, I have a history of burning things, but still. So yum, it’s worth a try.


3. Before the year ends, I’m hoping to get some exploring/running in the woods near my house. Nothing like being one with nature. Seriously, it may sound gross and like you’re asking to get sick, but it is so worth it. Even putting up with the cold.


4. The velvet bug has bit me and i’m crushing hard. Get it?


5. Also, Asos is life-sucking. But this hair clip is so perfect!


6. Advent bible reading plan to prepare your heart. And they really so have fantastic wallpapers for you phone.


7. Also, this masterpiece. I’m not Catholic, but some things in that article are spot on.

Also, here is a shameless plug to browse my Pinterest board entitled HBD Jesus!

Happy Holidazeeeee!



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