The Beauty of November

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Sweaters are back in rotation. Boats shoes on my feet. Holiday drink in my hand. Tan line is officially nonexistent. November is here.

Idk about you, but November is one of the most sobering months for me. October always seems to be brimming with events and activities, and along with them, some not so wise decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I live a “no ragrets!” life, but this month I always seem to find myself with more clarity than usual.

Maybe it’s the crisp cool air that clears up some of the pollution in our minds, but whatever the case, we become more in tune with ourselves and with the world around us.

There’s no doubt about it that I’m in a moment of transition. While I’m still in college, graduation is quickly approaching in a couple of months. And as soon May hits, my life will be completely different. At least, it should, right?

Although I’m ridiculously behind in the homework count, the underbelly of senior year is that I’m focusing more on narrowing down a plan for after I graduate. At this point, connecting with a future employee is way more important that getting an A in some class. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advertising that grades don’t matter; what I’m saying is that my priorities have changed. And so have I.

This past Sunday I was listening to TD Jakes and he spoke about the transition the Israelites had to go through in order to be prepared to reach the Promised Land. When a method that used to work for you suddenly stops working, that is when you now it’s time to grow, that a transition is coming.

Ever since I set foot on campus this semester, I started to feel like a foreigner. The culture feels different, it’s more difficult to socialize and relate to people, and even the messages in chapel just don’t resonate with me in the way that they used to. Like a plant with roots that are starting to grow out of the pot, I have officially outgrown this place.

Even though sobering moments aren’t always the easiest to deal with, they are still vital to developing our next steps in life.

So, if you find your head a bit cloudy, take a walk. Get some fresh air. Let November do its thing.



October Currents


Many moons ago, I stumbled upon a roundup list on a blog and I must admit, I kinda loved it. So I decided to recreate this list with my own monthly currents and hopefully inspire you guys to keep a monthly list as well. It’s a good way to keep track of the things you’re into, when you’re into them.

Listening: Badlands by Halsey. Sounds perfect with the dropping temperature and moodier days.

Dreaming: Of moving to LA. Maybe. I’m always a toss-up, but so is LA.

Feeling: Calm for the most part. If I begin to think about my to-do lists, stress will creep in. But I’m mostly calm.

Following: A lot of yoga accounts, like this one. How does homegirl bend like that??

Grateful: For the experiences I’ve had in life so far, and for all the adventures still to come.

Eating: A lot of kale. Idc if it’s not a trendy food anymore, still love it.

Hoping: That the year will get easier, but will still finish with many interesting turns. My life is a tv show, after all.

Waiting: For Thanksgiving break to come soon so I can get some real fall in Massachusetts!

Watching: Baby Daddy. Haha, the binge is real.

Reading: Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi. Technically, I started the book in June, but never got around to finishing it. Oops. This list will keep me accountable. The book is good so far!

Proud: That I haven’t had a total meltdown yet this semester. It’s the little things that count.


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Lovely Things: Vol. 1


Hello friends!

Fall is most definitely upon us, and even here in Florida there is a slight, cool breeze shaking us from our endless summers. As I was rummaging through the interwebs lately, I came across some things and felt the need to share them with you all. Hope you guys enjoy the collection of images that inspired me this week!


1. This indulgence makes me wish I actually knew what I was doing in a kitchen.


2. A velvet dress is what dreams are made of.


3. This romper too. I want all the velvets!


4. I want to drink everything out of a wineglass. Even water looks classy.


5. What a breath of fresh air.


6. Wild roses, of course.


7. This wonderful truth that is now my phone background.

Stay wild, babes.



Hurricane Shenanigans


Well, hello there friends!

For those of us that find ourselves on the east coast, namely the sunshiny state of Florida, hurricane Matthew is coming in hot like a perfectly glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut!

However, hailing from the north, I know jack squat about these bad boys. Seriously, the closest thing I got to one was a measly tropical storm passing through Massachusetts as I then proceeded to place a laundry basket over my head and crouch in a corner of my house.


I did what every millennial does in times of trouble and googled stuff. Here’s what I got.

Hurricane Supplies Checklist:

  1. Water. I guess that’s important, to make coffee and such.
  2. Food. Yep, another biggie. Definitely stocking up on Boom Chicka Pop and avocados.
  3. Alternative power sources. Basically, charge your electronics NOW and have lots of candles and a lighter/matches nearby.
  4. Cash. Who carries cash these days??
  5. First aid kit. I have bandages and Zzzquil. I’m good.
  6. Waterproof mascara matches. This is a thing?
  7. Personal hygiene. Dry shampoo, tp, face masks. Got it.
  8. Battery-operated radio. LOL.
  9. Dry clothes and blankets. Ain’t no water getting in my closet. And this is Florida, what does one need blankets for?
  10. Shutters/storm panels. Um, I don’t even know what to do with these.
  11. Entertainment items. Homework! Lots and lots of homework!
  12. Patience. This is my favorite one.

I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty much a pro now at dealing with hurricanes. Jk, I’m still a hot mess.

Stay safe fam.


P.S. If you have some more hurricane tips, feel free to leave a comment!

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Aloha Fam!


Welcome to Wanted and Wild, a blog about, *drumroll please*… feeling wanted while still being wild.

For those who haven’t stalked me on social media yet, my name is Priscila Silva, this blog’s fearless writer (jk, spiders freak me out). Honesty is a great place to start and i’m gonna keep it 100: I really had no desire to start a blog since everyone and their mothers have a blog these days, BUT! I am taking a class in Uni this year which basically forces me to make a blog or else I fail 🙂

So here we are. What an adventure this will be! I promise I’ll have decent things to say every once in a while, so stick around. Stalk me on the gram if you haven’t already.

peace in the middle east,